Neužmirškime, komunizmo fanatikų praktikus!

Neužmirškime, komunizmo fanatikų praktikus! (Let us not forget the communist fanatics practitioners!)
It seems most Lithuanians were not happy under Soviet rule. These posters were on an outside wall of the former KGB headquarters, a building on Lenino prospektas (now Gedimino prospektas), in Vilnius, Lithuania (Lietuva), in August 1995. Since the 1940's the Soviets established a prison and headquarters in this building. The KGB left it only in August 1991.
Lithuania was the last Baltic republic to be completely annexed by the Soviet Union (1945), the one that resisted the most (with armed resistance until 1965, and active individuals into the 1980's), and the first to restore independence (in 1990; recognized in 1991).
During Soviet rule, especially the first decade, there were mass deportation of Lithuanians to remote regions of the Soviet Union, as well as on-going repression of the Lithuanians in their homeland.
Approximate location: 54.688587, 25.2705503.

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